Welcome to my webpage showing you all about my creative artwork and the unique fine art collection of harbourlights®


The Port of Hamburg with its huge cargo ships, its very different light situations during day and night and the seasons has an immense fascination to me. For that reason I love walks and boat trips throughout the harbour always accompanied by my cameras and of course my tripod. It offers an endless number of rewarding targets capturing in pictures. Being the third most important harbour in Europe, the biggest containerships, measuring a length of 400 meters, arrive at the harbour today. A short while ago MOL Triumph with a capacity of 20.170 TEU container arrived the Port of Hamburg. The Port of Hamburg is currently expanding his cruise ship center, becoming an even bigger destination for ocean liner.


Since many years I am taking photographs in and around the harbour in all light moods during the year. In 2010 I began with my compositions of picture sequences. It took me a while to find proper results and receive a positive response from my very critical photographic eye.


Today I am very happy with the results and I am ready to stage exhibitions and publishings of my work. In the meantime I obtained some collectors and business people who love and buy my artwork.


In this gallery you can find many of my compositions. The collection of this limited composition works arose between 2012 and 2019. A handful of them took me 4 years to came out with the final result.


Each image is hand signed. Pieces are limited up to 3, 5 or 10 units, very rarely up to 15, 20 or maximum 35 units. Every piece of the artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and a numbered hologram. Once the amount of given limitation is chosen it will never be changed. That gives you a credible understanding of my work. You can select a work printed on high quality canvas, direct printing on Alu-Dibond® or photo printed behind Acrylic-Glass® or even a high quality photographic paper print fixed on Alu-Dibond® under a 2, 4 or even 6 mm Acrylic Glass® finishing. My recommendation for 120 x 80 cm sized image is the Acrylic Glass® finishing with 2 or 4 mm glass, by choosing 100 x 150 cm or bigger 4 or 6 mm glass. This will be obviously the most precious finished work of art. All here shown creative artworks belong to my collection harbourlights®. If you are interested purchasing artworks, please, don't hesitate to get in contact with me under info(at)artselbach.com to ask for the numbered limitation of the image or for a detailed list of prices. If one edit is sold out it will never be reprinted at all. Remember - all works are strictly limited.


The collection harbourlights® is still growing and including more and more international port cities. The latest are Rotterdam, Shanghai, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City (HMC).

I will soon add more of this works to my gallery. View this page occasionally and enjoy my upcoming artwork.

Thank you for your attention !


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