Welcome to the overview

On this page you will find most of my artwork of the collection harbourlights® that were created during the period of the last 9 years. All pieces are going by there own specific number. If you are interested in my artworks, please, don't hesitate to get in contact with me. Just choose the title number of your favourite piece and tell me which item you love to see on your domicile wall soon. The minimum size of most of the art pieces starts at 120 x 80 cm in landscape format. Some are starting at 150 x 100 cm. Finally you have the choice between printed canvas, direct print on alu-dibond® or a photo print behind acrylic-glass® enhanced with aluminium rear panel. At last you have the finishing opportunity of a special resin. Each piece or artwork is limited, numbered, signed and certified.

The print run (total circulation) of each of the pieces is shown next to the name of the item.


Thank you that I could awaken your interest !

Art Selbach