image by ©Filip Mollnow

Arthur F. Selbach

I am a freelance imageconductor based in Hamburg, Germany. I got into photography at a very young age and made my way from architecture into the industry of fashion photography. When I realised that I love photographing unseen places, new cultures and people I started working for all kind of international magazines. Beside producing images for stock agencies I'm also working for ad agencies and editors on assignments. Since the early 1980s I travelled many countries for working. In 1994 when I moved to Hamburg I was fascinated from the inviting moods at the Port of Hamburg. By that time I started photographing and watching at any day and night time the big ships moving in and out the port.

When I started photography I first worked on large analog formats such as 8x10 or 4x5 inches. Today the main format I am using is digital dslr cameras. It covers all claims and offers high end quality.